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Experience the transformational power of private sessions on your time, in your space.

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Slim down, tone up, and find focus in a fun and spiritual 60 minute private session in your home or office.

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See yourself get stronger in half the time with sessions tailored specifically to you.

The Caravan Practices

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Select a specific practice or talk to a Guide about designing your personalized plan.

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Experience personal training re-imagined: spiritual, fun & effective.

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Enjoy the feeling of a stronger body and a clearer mind.

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Grounded in science, the Caravan practice is based on the positive impacts to the brain and body. Incorporating all 5 senses, plus the 6th sense -- human connection, you'll feel the difference.

PasSioNAtE GuIdeS

Here to support you and hold you accountable on your journey. Whatever you need, they can help. Add new services, meet additional teachers, and get your questions answered.